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GOP Candidate Calls for Apology After Facebook User Calls Him a “Nazi,” Opponent Responds

August 3, 2018 By Staff
GOP Candidate Calls for Apology After Facebook User Calls Him a “Nazi,” Opponent Responds

A local race is heating up, over "abolish ICE" and the use of the term "Nazi."

John Scott, a Republican running for state representative in the 40th General Assembly, “which covers sections of Groton and Ledyard,” called on his opponent to demand an apology from supporters this week, after someone called Scott a “Nazi” over his support for Immigrations and Custom Enforcement (ICE).

The controversy started this week, when Scott posted a letter to the editor that criticized Scott’s opponent, incumbent State Rep. Christine Conley (D-Groton), for posing for a photo with a young girl carrying an “abolish ICE” sign.

In response to the photo and the letter, Scott said he supports ICE.

One of the commenters on Scott’s Facebook post called Scott a “Nazi.”

Scott’s campaign called for an apology on Thursday.

“Conley supporters may disagree with my political views but calling me a Nazi is crossing the line,” said Scott. “Our leaders and individuals running for office need to stop this hate speech in its tracks immediately. My campaign will be a positive one, focused on the issues and not mudslinging. If residents have an issue with one of my political views or voting record let’shave a civil conversation about it.”

Conley responded in a statement to Reclaim Connecticut:

“I don’t think John Scott is a Nazi. I think he’s a Republican. We can debate all day about whether candidates should apologize for what other people say, and I am truly sorry that John’s feelings were hurt by this woman in West Virginia. I don’t know her. But John does know the people who have been calling me names on his Facebook page for months. I don’t need an apology. I’m a woman. We’ve got an inner strength that allows us to handle things like this.”

As for the “abolish ICE” movement, the subject of Scott’s original post, the Republican said the abolish ICE movement “means more illegal undocumented individuals will flow through our country.”