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GOP-Endorsed Matt Corey on How He’ll Try to Beat the Odds, and Chris Murphy

May 16, 2018 By Staff
GOP-Endorsed Matt Corey on How He’ll Try to Beat the Odds, and Chris Murphy

The GOP nominee for U.S. Senate in Connecticut talks to Reclaim Connecticut, for an exclusive post-convention interview.

Businessman Matt Corey was one of the big winners from the Connecticut Republican Party’s convention weekend this past Friday and Saturday, earning the GOP endorsement for U.S. Senate with 53 percent of the delegate votes.

Opponents Dominic Rapini (35 percent) and Joe Visconti (three percent) came in behind, but Rapini qualified for a primary, if he chooses to stage one.

Reclaim Connecticut talked to Corey after the convention, and asked him to look ahead, to a potential primary and a general election against Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.).


“I just worked hard,” Corey said, when asked how he won a contested endorsement battle on the first ballot. “I’m well-known in the First [Congressional] District, but that was the last district to vote. I put 20,000 miles on a little car. I drove to as many of the RTCs [Republican Town Committees] as I could around the state.”

As for his possible opponent, businessman Dominic Rapini?

“He’s worked hard himself,” Corey said. “He’s a great guy. We’re both on the same team.”

Corey wouldn’t call on Rapini to drop out.

“God bless him, whatever he wants to do,” Corey said. “I’m willing to go head to head again, if he wants to go down that road.”

But, Corey added, he’d prefer Rapini’s support to take on Murphy this fall.


As for the incumbent senator, Corey didn’t hold back.

“He’s been wrong on foreign policy,” Corey said, when asked how he’ll make the case to Connecticut voters that they should send Murphy packing. “He’s an obstructionist, and he’s forgotten his constituents.”

Corey also took a swipe at Murphy’s “2020 aspirations,” specifically on the issue of health care.

“He can’t say he doesn’t have 2020 aspirations when he’s talking about Medicare for All,” Corey said.

Murphy will have a large campaign warchest to work with, but Corey’s not intimidated.

“I’ve been outspent 27-to-1 in the last race. Just in the Republican primary,” Corey said. “Look, if we can raise at least a million [dollars] to a million and a half [dollars], we have a great shot at defeating Senator Murphy.”

“He’s forgotten the working men and women of the state of Connecticut,” Corey added.

What would Corey represent to the people of Connecticut?

“I would be the Mike Rowe of the Senate, who understands small business,” he argues. “Who understands what it means to wear a hard hat and work on a construction site. Who understands what it means to make the payroll.”

Election Day 2018 is less than six months away.