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GOP Gov Candidate Stemerman Goes on the Air; Watch His Ad Here

May 1, 2018 By Staff
GOP Gov Candidate Stemerman Goes on the Air; Watch His Ad Here

David Stemerman is up on the air, a few weeks ahead of the CT GOP convention and the official start of the three-month primary season.

Businessman David Stemerman, one of the GOP candidates for governor, is out with a new ad, “part of an initial $400,000 statewide ad campaign that Stemerman’s campaign for Governor will be running across television, radio and digital platforms throughout the month of May.”

The ad is titled “Real World,” and can be seen below:

The transcript, as provided by the Stemerman campaign:

“Most politicians live here – inside the box. We need a governor from the real world, who thinks outside the box. I’m David Stemerman, a businessman and an outside the box kinda guy. While politicians know how to spend money, I have a track record of making it. I have a specific plan to turn our state around. If you’re tired of the same old Hartford group think, join me outside the box and let’s save Connecticut.”

Stemerman is clearly trying to define himself as a political outsider, in contrast to some of his GOP primary opponents who have served in elected positions.

For more on Stemerman, and his “outside-the-box” message from the ad above, read Reclaim Connecticut’s exclusive interviews with the gubernatorial candidate: