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GOP-Led Bill Would Stop State Employees From Putting Mileage Toward Pensions

March 24, 2017 By Staff
GOP-Led Bill Would Stop State Employees From Putting Mileage Toward Pensions

The bill, which will be discussed in the Appropriations Committee on Friday, would stop letting state employees inflate their pensions by including mileage.

On Friday, the Appropriations Committee will consider dozens of new bills, one of which would stop state employees from using mileage reimbursements to inflate their pensions.

The issue came up last year. Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst, a likely gubernatorial candidate in 2018, criticized legislators for counting thousands of dollars in mileage toward their pension calculations.

At the time, Herbst, a Republican, said: “This kind of stuff is the reason why people do not trust politicians and have lost faith in their government.”

The issue caught the attention of the Hartford Courant editorial board — which typically supports Democrats in their election endorsements. The Courant said: “Lawmakers should drop this perk.”

In prepared testimony provided to Reclaim Connecticut, State Rep. Charlie Ferraro (R-West Haven), who introduced the bill, will say:

“We are reimbursed for simply driving to work at the capitol, a luxury virtually nobody else enjoys. We should lead by example with the alleged ‘shared sacrifice,’ and eliminate this reimbursement as part of the retirement income calculation.”

The bill, if passed, would reduce taxpayers’ burden for state employee pensions, since, as Ferraro argues, mileage is “not a form of income” that should be used to inflate pensions.