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Governing Magazine: Control of CT Senate a “Tossup” in 2018; House Just “Lean D”

May 2, 2018 By Staff
Governing Magazine: Control of CT Senate a “Tossup” in 2018; House Just “Lean D”

Governing Magazine has released its "first handicapping of state legislatures this cycle," and they say the Connecticut Senate may switch parties after the 2018 elections.

“Connecticut’s tied Senate is also at risk of a party switch.”

That’s one of the key takeaways from Governing Magazine’s “first handicapping of state legislatures this cycle.” Clearly, Governing sees the race for control of Connecticut’s legislature as among the top political fights of 2018. Both chambers are two of Governing‘s 18 “competitive” chambers this fall, which Governing defines as “categories labeled ‘lean’ and ‘tossup.'”

Here’s their summary on Connecticut, where they label the Senate a “Projected Tossup” and the House a “Projected Lean D[emocrat]”:

The key question about Connecticut voting patterns this fall will be who the electorate dislikes the most: Trump or two-term Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy. If anti-Trump sentiment wins out, then Democrats can probably seize full control of the currently tied Senate. But if voters are more preoccupied with Malloy, the GOP is still in the game — at least in the Senate. There are four open seats, several of which will be hotly contested.

The stakes are high in 2018. While Reclaim Connecticut has devoted an extensive amount of time to the gubernatorial race – one of the hottest in the country – control of the state legislature is very much up for grabs. Whether Democrats continue to control the legislature or Republicans seize it back may determine if a fiscally conservative agenda can advance in the state in 2019.