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Governing’s Alan Greenblatt: Connecticut Burying Bad Budget News

January 11, 2017 By Staff
Governing’s Alan Greenblatt: Connecticut Burying Bad Budget News

A staff writer for Governing magazine seemed to suggest the state of Connecticut is not reporting "bad economic news."

In a new piece for Governing, Alan Greenblatt suggests Connecticut is burying bad budget news.

More from Greenblatt:

As part of last year’s budget, Connecticut ended its practice of current services projections. That’s a boring-sounding way of talking about how much programs will cost over time, assuming there are no policy changes. It’s a baseline against which to compare any proposed cuts or increases in spending. Ben Barnes, Connecticut’s budget director, said last year that it didn’t make sense to project shortfalls or surpluses into the future. “There’s no such thing, in my view, as a deficit or a surplus in years in which there is no appropriation in place,” Barnes said.

Greenblatt noted that “[s]ome legislators” complained the rules “would be a blow against transparency.”

Still, Greenblatt warned, “bad news has a way of catching up with policymakers.” Will it catch up in Connecticut, as the state faces a $1.3 billion deficit?