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Hartford Dem Actually … Withdraws? … a Tax Hike Proposal

February 27, 2018 By Staff
Hartford Dem Actually … Withdraws? … a Tax Hike Proposal

Mayor Luke Bronin (D-Hartford), a candidate for governor, withdrew his proposal to tax tickets at Hartford Yard Goats games.

It’s not often we hear of Democrats withdrawing new tax proposals in Connecticut, instead of proposing new taxes.

Mayor Luke Bronin (D-Hartford), running for governor despite the specter of bankruptcy looming over his city, withdrew a proposal to tax Yard Goat tickets this week.

From The Associated Press:

Hartford’s mayor has withdrawn his proposal to tax tickets to the city’s minor league baseball team.

The Hartford Courant reports Democratic Mayor Luke Bronin had proposed a 5 percent tax on tickets to Yard Goats home games in an attempt to recoup funds from a 10 percent admissions tax that lawmakers voted to redirect to the state in October.

In case readers thought it’s because Bronin decided a new tax would be a bad idea for city residents and baseball fans, though, think again. According to the Associated Press, it’s because a Hartford attorney “agreed with the [Yard Goats’] owner” that the new tax would violate the city’s lease with the team.

Bronin will have to seek out other ways to make up budget gaps in Hartford. He may have a hard time focusing as he tries to raise the funds necessary to run a statewide campaign.