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Hartford Mayor, a Gov Candidate, Praises State Rep Who Just Resigned Over Texts to 16-Year-Old

March 8, 2018 By Staff
Hartford Mayor, a Gov Candidate, Praises State Rep Who Just Resigned Over Texts to 16-Year-Old

Luke Bronin has taken the curious route of praising a state representative who's on his way out over a texting scandal.

Mayor Luke Bronin (D-Hartford) has made a mayorship, and a nascent gubernatorial campaign, out of being tough on the NRA and honest about the poor state of Hartford’s finances (even if he’s unsuccessful in doing something about Hartford’s finances).

Apparently, Bronin’s strategy does not include being tough on Democrats who resign in disgrace, or honest and upfront about their transgressions.

Last week, The Hartford Courant uncovered “affectionate” texts State Rep. Angel Arce (D-Hartford) exchanged with a 16-year-old girl in 2015.

The texts were not obscene but were unusually familiar and affectionate in tone. They were released by the girl, who now is 18, to a person who gave them to The Courant. She told The Courant this week that she had exchanged those texts with Arce over a period of time in 2015 and they were genuine.

“Good night love and sweet dreams and thank you for coming into my life,” one text read, while others said: “I wish you were living in Hartford. We be hanging out all the times”; “You so beautiful and gorgeous”; “Really hun trust I think we going to keep a lot of secrets between us”; “Hope you know how to keep things to yourself when we conversate”; “I’m going to help your mom get that job in Hartford.”

The gross scandal led to several Democrats calling for Arce to step down, and step down he did on Wednesday.

One Democrat who was not tough on Arce? Bronin. Here’s his statement on Arce, according to The CT Mirror.

“Angel Arce has been a dedicated state representative who has always worked hard for his constituents, and I know he wants to do the right thing for his district,” Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin wrote in a statement Wednesday.

Even if that’s only part of the statement, the idea that Bronin would praise a man who was just caught texting “affectionate” messages to a 16-year-old will certainly raise some eyebrows. Is this what Democrats want from their gubernatorial nominee this fall?