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Hartford Mayor, Aetna Confirm: Aetna Relocating From Hartford

May 31, 2017 By Staff
Hartford Mayor, Aetna Confirm: Aetna Relocating From Hartford

Luke Bronin's statement made it "clear that Aetna decided a long time ago to relocate." Aetna said it will make a decision by early summer.

Mayor Luke Bronin (D-Hartford) seemed to confirm on Wednesday that Aetna is leaving the state of Connecticut, making a statement that said he thinks “it is clear that Aetna decided a long time ago to relocate.”

The Hartford Courant reported on Bronin’s statement:

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin confirmed that Aetna is aggressively looking to move its headquarters elsewhere after more than 150 years in the capital city, amid reports that the insurer could soon announce a plan to relocate in New York.

“Based on multiple conversations with Aetna’s senior leadership, I think it is clear that Aetna decided a long time ago to relocate their corporate headquarters out of Connecticut,” Bronin said in a statement Wednesday afternoon. “They have said that Aetna remains committed to its Connecticut workforce, and that the Hartford campus will continue to be a substantial employment base for thousands of Aetna employees.”

Aetna confirmed in a statement on Wednesday that they are seeking a new headquarters:

Reclaim Connecticut wrote earlier this month that Hartford seems to be approaching bankruptcy. Hartford’s insolvency, and the state’s bad business climate, may have both contributed to Aetna’s decision to leave.

Aetna criticized tax increases supported by Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) in 2015. At the time, Aetna said that they would look “to reconsider the viability of continuing major operations in the state” if the tax increases passed. The two-year budget signed by Malloy in 2015 raised taxes over $1 billion.

UPDATE, 2:32pm:

In a statement emailed to Reclaim Connecticut, Mayor Mark Boughton (R-Danbury), who is exploring a run for governor, said Aetna’s departure is “further continuation of what we have come to know as Connecticut’s death spiral.”

Boughton said his team is looking at ways to eliminate the state income tax, which would be a major shake-up in how the state has collected taxes since the early 1990s.