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Hartford Mayor Gets Paltry Union Concessions; Malloy’s Up Next

May 9, 2017 By Staff
Hartford Mayor Gets Paltry Union Concessions; Malloy’s Up Next

Mayor Luke Bronin (D-Hartford) extracted $4 million in concessions from a local state employees union over six years. He has achieved a fraction of the concessions he was counting on to avoid bankruptcy.

Mayor Luke Bronin (D-Hartford) announced $4 million in local union concessions over six years on Monday, in a deal that was celebrated by both sides but does little to mitigate Hartford’s crippling deficits.

The deal, between Hartford and a local branch of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), includes “four years of wage freezes, two years of pay increases and changes to benefits,” according to the Hartford Courant.

Still, the $4 million in concessions – an average of $667,000 per year – is a fraction of the $15.5 million in “union concessions” Bronin had hoped for this year. He also extracted $1.5 million from the city’s firefighters.

As the Courant also reported, Hartford faces a $14 million budget deficit this fiscal year, and a daunting $65 million deficit next fiscal year.

The local AFSCME concessions amount to around $165 per employee per year over the next six years.

Though the deal gets Hartford no closer to solving its fiscal crisis, all eyes in the state are on Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) and the deal he’s attempting to reach with state employee unions.

Malloy has budgeted for $1.5 billion in union concessions over the next two fiscal years. If he cannot achieve those savings, he has vowed to lay off state employees.

Malloy will release a new budget on Friday, which may include even more union concessions Malloy hopes to achieve.

Connecticut faces a $380 million budget deficit in fiscal year 2017, which ends in September, and a $4.7 billion combined budget deficit in fiscal years 2018 and 2019.