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Hartford Mayor Stonewalling FOIA Requests for Work Calendar, Expenses?

August 8, 2018 By Staff
Hartford Mayor Stonewalling FOIA Requests for Work Calendar, Expenses?

A representative from the GOP group America Rising requested Mayor Bronin's work calendar and travel expenses in September 2017. He has not received records, or even a response, since September 2017.

Is Mayor Luke Bronin (D-Hartford) stonewalling a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for important, public documents concerning his tenure?

In documents shared exclusively with Reclaim Connecticut, Allan Blutstein, a FOIA lawyer who sent the request on behalf of America Rising, a GOP research group, established that the Hartford mayor’s office has not responded to him since confirming in September 2017 they received his FOIA request for Bronin’s work calendars and travel expenses from July 2017 to present.

Blutstein first made the request on September 26, 2017.

He received a response from the mayor’s office the day of, confirming his request.


After that, though, Blutstein’s heard nothing but silence from the mayor’s office.

In March 2018, he followed up with Cynthia Lauture, from Bronin’s office, to “inquire about the status of the request.”

Blutstein followed up again in June 2018.

As of August 8, 2018, Blutstein had received no response to his repeated inquiries.

Why has Blutstein not received a response? It’s a question worth asking, given most constituents demand accountability and transparency from their elected officials.