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Hatfield, GOP-Endorsed Candidate for AG, Reaches CEP Goal

July 20, 2018 By Staff
Hatfield, GOP-Endorsed Candidate for AG, Reaches CEP Goal

Her primary opponent, John Shaban, is working from outside the Citizens' Election Program (CEP).

Sue Hatfield, the GOP-endorsed candidate for attorney general of Connecticut, reached an important milestone in her campaign this week, raising the $75,000-plus she needed to qualify for the Citizens’ Election Program (CEP).

“I want to thank all of the people who have invested their time and money in my campaign to help me spread my vision for the Attorney General’s office,” said Hatfield. “Since launching my campaign for Attorney General, I have had the opportunity to visit towns and cities across the state and met with countless residents who are tired of the way Connecticut has been run by the Malloy administration. It is clear that we need to take this state in a new direction.”

Hatfield has raised $82,467 from 1,250 people, according to her campaign. The CEP approved Hatfield’s application and she will received $375,000 in grants for the primary, according to Hatfield’s campaign. She could receive up to $750,000 for the general election if she makes it past the August 14 primary.

John Shaban, Hatfield’s primary opponent, announced in June that he will forgo CEP funding and raise campaign cash the “old fashioned way.”