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Herbst Announces 16 Endorsements; 65 Total for #CTGov Race

February 26, 2018 By Staff
Herbst Announces 16 Endorsements; 65 Total for #CTGov Race

The former first selectman announced a new round of endorsements, as candidates close in on less than 90 days before the state GOP convention.

Former First Selectman Tim Herbst (R-Trumbull) announced a new slate of endorsements on Monday morning, as candidates for governor continued what is already a busy endorsement season three months ahead of the state convention.

Top-line endorsements for Herbst included Bob Leach, the chairman of the East Windsor Republican Town Committee (RTC), and Barbara Dimauro, chair of the Tolland RTC. Two former Groton mayors, Bruce Flax and Jane Dauphinais, also endorsed Herbst.

“Our campaign to upend business-as-usual in Hartford and dismantle the job-crushing, tax-hiking status quo continues to gain momentum every day,” Herbst said. “Connecticut Republicans want to get behind a candidate who will take insiders in Hartford head-on and prosecute the case against Gov. Malloy’s chosen successor.”

In particular, Herbst and Mayor Mark Boughton (R-Danbury) have been aggressive with endorsement announcements recently. In the past two weeks:

  • Boughton announced a slate of 27 new endorsements, bringing his total to 55 in under a month
  • Herbst announced 27 endorsements the same day, bringing his total to 48 at the time
  • Herbst cleared the $250,000 threshold for public financing in the election; Boughton and three other Republicans have also cleared the mark
  • Boughton announced the endorsement of Deputy State Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Kevin Witkos, a major figure in the state Senate

The GOP state convention is in May.