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House Confirms Malloy Supreme Court Nominee by One Vote; Senate Fight Next

March 13, 2018 By Staff
House Confirms Malloy Supreme Court Nominee by One Vote; Senate Fight Next

Malloy Supreme Court nominee Andrew McDonald has been the subject of much controversy at the capital this year. He was confirmed in the House by one vote on Monday.

Andrew McDonald, the Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) ally and controversial Malloy nominee to be chief justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court, squeaked through the state House of Representatives by one vote on Monday.

The roll call vote, taken on Monday afternoon, was 75 for McDonald and 74 against. Only one Republican, State Representative Livvy Floren (R-Greenwich), voted yes. Of course, with a one-vote margin every vote counted.

Also voting yes was State Rep. Steven Stafstrom (D-Bridgeport). Reclaim Connecticut reported last week that Stafstrom’s uncle and co-worker, John Stafstrom, was behind a group that was running ads in support of McDonald’s confirmation.

Requests to an aide of Stafstrom for comment, on whether or not Stafstrom would recuse himself from the vote, were not returned. Clearly, Stafstrom did not see enough of a conflict of interest to recuse himself.

Now, McDonald’s nomination moves to the Senate. With State Senator Gayle Slossberg (D-Milford) recusing herself, Republicans appear to have an 18-17 advantage to torpedo the McDonald nomination.

That has already led to a war of words, as Reclaim Connecticut reported Monday:

State Sen. Bob Duff (D-Norwalk) took the fight over Malloy chief justice nominee Andrew McDonald to a new low over the weekend, telling CBS Connecticut’s Dennis House that he thinks Republicans “don’t like the fact that [McDonald] is gay.”

Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano (R-North Haven) took the fight to Duff on Tuesday morning, telling Talk of Connecticut’s Brad Davis and Dan Lovallo that Duff is Malloy’s “lap dog.”