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In Opposition to Kavanaugh, Murphy Made Claims Fact-Checkers Called “False”

September 12, 2018 By Staff
In Opposition to Kavanaugh, Murphy Made Claims Fact-Checkers Called “False”

The junior senator claimed Judge Kavanaugh conflated birth control with "abortion inducing drugs." Does the claim hold up?

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) has turned his Twitter attention to items other than the Judge Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court since last week’s hearings ended. His last claim on Kavanaugh, though, was challenged by two independent fact-checkers this week after Democrats’ claims about Kavanaugh and “abortion-inducing drugs” went viral.

Murphy tweeted on Friday that Kavanaugh parroted “bogus right wing talking points” and “conflat[ed] birth control with abortion inducing drugs.” His tweet received nearly 4,000 retweets and 11,000 likes.

Erica Sackin, a communications aide for Planned Parenthood, helped the claim about Kavanaugh and “abortion inducing drugs” go viral on Thursday:

The only problem? The claim Kavanaugh called birth control “abortion-inducing drugs” is false.

PolitiFact said, though:

In [Sen. Kamala] Harris’ [D-CA] tweet [about the moment, which went viral], Kavanaugh appears to define contraception as abortion-inducing. But the video failed to include a crucial qualifier: “They said.” In fact, he was citing the definition of the religious group Priests for Life. He has not expressed his personal view.

And The Washington Post‘s Fact Checker said:

But a plain reading of Kavanaugh’s answer during the hearings shows that it is broadly consistent with his written opinion. One can question why he used the phrase “abortion-inducing drugs” rather than “abortion-inducing products” or “abortifacients.” But it’s pretty clear from the context that he was quoting the views of the plaintiffs rather than offering a personal view.

As of Wednesday, Murphy had not followed up with a deletion or correction of his previous tweet.