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Income Tax and Zingers Play Starring Roles in 2nd Lamont-Stefanowski Debate

September 18, 2018 By Staff
Income Tax and Zingers Play Starring Roles in 2nd Lamont-Stefanowski Debate

Republican businessman Bob Stefanowski received cheers from the crowd for several zingers directed at Democratic businessman Ned Lamont. Both spent a lot of time on the income tax.

Republican businessman Bob Stefanowski and Democratic businessman Ned Lamont, the two gubernatorial nominees, met to debate for a second time this cycle, and the second time in as many weeks.

The debate, which lasted just short of an hour, featured lots of discussion around Stefanowski’s plan to eliminate the income tax. Stefanowski also managed to work in a few zingers directed at Lamont, which received an enthusiastic response from the audience.

A YouTube user posted an unofficial version of the full debate on Monday night:

On question after question, Lamont returned to the issue of Stefanowski’s income tax plans, claiming it’s disingenuous for Stefanowski to promise he will eliminate a $10-billion-per-year source of income for the state government.

Lamont suggested at one point that Stefanowski will make Connecticut like Kansas. The latter state is going through a budget crisis caused in part by tax cuts.

Stefanowski asserted Lamont shouldn’t compare Connecticut to Kansas, and then delivered arguably one of the lines of the night: “Oz isn’t even on the stage and we’re talking about the Wizard of Oz.”

Lamont also regularly brought up the politics of President Trump and congressional Republicans, especially as they pertain to health care. This offered Stefanowski another chance to bring up a zinger, related to Lamont’s run against then-Sen. Joe Lieberman (ID-Conn.): “I wish you won your Senate run, it would’ve been perfect.”

One interesting question came towards the end of the debate, when the moderator asked both candidates to describe the most important issue to voters in one word.

Stefanowski’s answer? “Taxes.” Lamont’s answer? “Jobs.”

The two candidates will meet next on Wednesday, September 26.