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Is Malloy More Concerned with ’18 Races than Connecticut?

January 4, 2017 By Staff
Is Malloy More Concerned with ’18 Races than Connecticut?

Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) suffered a bad 2016 cycle as Democratic Governors Association (DGA) chair. Is he turning his focus to other governors' races in '18?

Gov. Malloy had a rough 2016. Besides to climbing deficits and Hillary Clinton’s loss, Malloy had a bad run as DGA chair.

More from Neil Vigdor at the CT Post:

But in a year when 12 governorships were up for grabs, Democrats lost ground and Republicans reached near-historic levels. Not exactly a resume-booster for the head of the Democratic Governors Association, a role that carried prestige and peril for Malloy.

In December, Malloy was re-elected chair of the DGA. That, and a post-election Politico piece, shows he’s not done yet thinking outside Connecticut.

In an interview with the D.C. publication, Malloy opined on 2018 races:

“Just on the number of people who will be term-limited out, and the number of open seats — any time that’s available it gives us a very big opportunity to take back a state,” said Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy, chairman of the Democratic Governors Association.

Will the talk of races outside Connecticut hamper Malloy’s ability to do his job in our state?