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UPDATED: Is Wannabe Malloy Successor Dan Drew a Bernie Bro?

November 13, 2017 By Staff
UPDATED: Is Wannabe Malloy Successor Dan Drew a Bernie Bro?

The embattled mayor of Middletown and Democratic gubernatorial candidate is the featured speaker at an event for Our Revolution, Bernie Sanders' new group.

Is Mayor Dan Drew (D-Middletown), the embattled Democratic gubernatorial candidate, turning ‘Bernie bro’ to win a primary in 2018?

Mayor Drew’s name showed up on the website for Our Revolution, the new 501(c)(4) group pushing far-left policies of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). Sanders is a self-described democratic socialist.

In July, Our Revolution came out with a platform for House Democratic candidates, which included single-payer health care, free college for all, a $15 federal minimum wage, and new taxes.

The Our Revolution platform could cost America $40 trillion in spending over the next 10 years, and surely would be expensive on the state level as well.

It may be worth asking Drew which of Our Revolution’s policy points he supports implementing at the state level, and how he plans to pay for them with the state’s multi-billion-dollar deficits ahead.

UPDATE, 5:00pm: Drew responded to our story with a tweet endorsing some aspects of Our Revolution’s platform:

UPDATE, 5:05pm: We heard from Bobby Berriault, the Chair of Our Revolution Central CT. He offered two clarifications on our story:

1) “First, our organization is extending a invitation to all candidates for statewide office, not just Dan Drew. We have already heard from Chris Mattei and Dan Drew is the second speaker in our speaker series. We have plans to hear from other candidates as well.”

2) “Second, with regards to the platform of Our Revolution, just because we are hearing from candidates running for office, that shouldn’t be conflated to mean that each of the candidates automatically support the national Our Revolution platform in lockstep. I would therefore encourage everyone to look at the platform that each of the candidates are running on. Most if not all are listed on their campaign websites.”