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Key Political Predictor: CT’s Governor Race a “Toss-Up”

April 20, 2017 By Staff
Key Political Predictor: CT’s Governor Race a “Toss-Up”

Larry Sabato's "Crystal Ball" released their first ratings for 2018 gubernatorial races. Connecticut is one of 10 tossups.

Good news for the Republican candidates for governor of Connecticut: a key political predictor says the 2018 race is a “toss-up.”

Larry Sabato’s “Crystal Ball” released its first ratings for 2018 gubernatorial races on Thursday morning. Here’s what they said about Connecticut:

Connecticut: Very unpopular Gov. Dan Malloy (D) isn’t seeking a third term, which actually might be good news for Democrats. Nonetheless, Republicans will probably be able to tie the eventual Democratic nominee to Malloy, which should help them in the blue Nutmeg State. There is truly a laundry list of possible Republican and Democratic candidates, so for now the race is a Toss-up. Like many other states in New England, Connecticut has historically been very open to electing Republican governors.

Despite the “Toss-Up” status, there does appear to be enthusiasm for the Republican candidates as they raise money across the state, as Reclaim Connecticut reported on this week.