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Lamont Becomes 6th Dem Candidate for Gov, Seizes Far-Left Mantle of Dan Drew

January 17, 2018 By Staff
Lamont Becomes 6th Dem Candidate for Gov, Seizes Far-Left Mantle of Dan Drew

Ned Lamont, who in the past could not decide between a progressive or a moderate label for himself, has seized the far-left mantle for his 2018 run.

Ned Lamont, the candidate who lost to Joe Lieberman in 2006 and Dan Malloy in 2010, is launching a third run for statewide office, becoming the sixth Democrat to run for governor.

Lamont made the announcement with a tweet and a two-minute video early Wednesday morning.

There are 18 major candidates for governor – 11 Republicans, six Democrats, and one independent. The field briefly had only 17 candidates, after Mayor Dan Drew (D-Middletown) dropped out last week, but Lamont made it 18 again.

In November, Reclaim Connecticut wrote about the Lamont rumors. At the time, we noted it’s unclear what Lamont would run as, because he ran as a true-blue liberal in 2006 against Lieberman, and as a “centrist” in 2010 against Malloy.

Well, Lamont’s announcement video made it clear he is ready to seize the far-left label vacated by Drew.

Lamont’s platform includes:

  • A state-mandated $15 minimum wage (no state has this high a minimum wage in 2018, making Connecticut less competitive for businesses than its neighbors)
  • Paid family and medical leave (Lamont does not describe how he would pay for it)
  • Making “sure” that state employees and teachers know that the state “respect[s] them” … it’s unclear what Lamont exactly means by this, but it may mean he does not plan to make any tough changes to state employee pensions or benefits

Can a man who couldn’t beat then-Mayor Dan Malloy (D-Stamford) leapfrog over Mayor Luke Bronin (D-Hartford), Mayor Joe Ganim (D-Bridgeport), Susan Bysiewicz, Dita Bhargava, and Jonathan Harris with a late entry into the race?

Time will tell, but the Connecticut gubernatorial field seems to be getting bigger by the day.