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Lamont Earns Narrow Win Over Stefanowski, Ensuring 12-Year Run of Dem Governors in CT

November 7, 2018 By Staff
Lamont Earns Narrow Win Over Stefanowski, Ensuring 12-Year Run of Dem Governors in CT

Despite Dan Malloy's gutter-low approval ratings in the state of Connecticut, Ned Lamont kept the governor's mansion in Democratic hands on Tuesday.

Democrat Ned Lamont narrowly defeated Republican Bob Stefanowski in the Connecticut gubernatorial race on Tuesday night, keeping the governor’s mansion in Democratic hands for four more years.

As of Wednesday afternoon, 704 of 744 precincts (94.62 percent) had reported their election results to the secretary of state. Lamont led by 1.22 percentage points:

  • Ned Lamont and Susan Bysiewicz: 48.36 percent
  • Bob Stefanowski and Joe Markley: 47.14 percent
  • Oz Griebel and Monte Frank: 3.96 percent

Stefanowski conceded the race to Lamont early Wednesday morning, and promptly released a statement to media:

Early Wednesday afternoon, Lamont gave short remarks to supporters and media celebrating his victory. He was gracious to Stefanowski and pledged to balance the interests of business and labor as governor.

Lamont won despite approval ratings for the incumbent Democratic governor, Dan Malloy, that are mired in the teens. Malloy was consistently one of the least popular governors in the nation through his final years in office.

Lamont pledged to cut property taxes during the general election campaign – Stefanowski wanted to eliminate the income tax – but the governor-elect will run into trouble immediately, given the state continues to face perpetual budget deficits and potential budget crises.

With Lamont came a slate of statewide Democratic officials. Kevin Lembo and Denise Merrill won third terms to be Connecticut’s comptroller and secretary of state, respectively. Democrat William Tong will be the state’s new attorney general, and has pledged to continue outgoing Attorney General George Jepsen’s (D-Conn.) drumbeat of lawsuits against the Trump administration. Shawn Wooden will be the state’s new treasurer.

Republicans have been shut out of the governor’s mansion since 2010, when Jodi Rell left office. The next gubernatorial election is in 2022.