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Lamont Gets Snarky About Lieberman; Stefanowski Says Lamont’s Being ‘Hyper-Partisan’

November 1, 2018 By Staff
Lamont Gets Snarky About Lieberman; Stefanowski Says Lamont’s Being ‘Hyper-Partisan’

The Democratic nominee sent a snarky tweet about Joe Lieberman's willingness to help Bob Stefanowski's transition. Stefanowski then accused Lamont of being "hyper-partisan."

After Bob Stefanowski’s campaign announced Wednesday that ex-Sen. Joe Lieberman (ID-Conn.) will help Stefanowski with his transition, should the Republican win this Tuesday, Democratic nominee Ned Lamont weighed in with a snarky tweet.

Stefanowski released a statement criticizing Lamont for engaging in “hyper-partisan politics.”

“I find it disappointing that Ned Lamont would immediately refuse the help of a public servant with a proven track record of working across the partisan divide to act in the best interest of our state,” said Stefanowski. “Senator Lieberman’s public service was reaffirmed every time at the ballot box by a bipartisan coalition of voters who appreciated his ability to place his country ahead of his party. Lamont’s refusal to bury the hatchet with a former opponent in order to work together for the good of the state show he has neither the leadership nor the temperament to lead our state.”

“We must get beyond the hyper-partisan politics that currently plague our state and our nation.”

Recent public polling suggests Stefanowski may have some momentum in the gubernatorial race against Lamont, and part of Stefanowski’s closing argument is that he can and will work across the aisle if elected.