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Lamont to Young Reporter Who Worried About CT Economy: “What Do You Mean You Couldn’t Come Back?”

July 27, 2018 By Staff
Lamont to Young Reporter Who Worried About CT Economy: “What Do You Mean You Couldn’t Come Back?”

The Democratic frontrunner for governor appeared to demonstrate just why some people call him out of touch.

The liberal publication Mother Jones has a new profile out on Democratic gubernatorial frontrunner Ned Lamont, much of it covering his 2006 and 2010 runs for office.

The profile is quite good, and worth a read.

But one exchange between Lamont and Kara Voght, the reporter who wrote the story, may demonstrate for some why Lamont’s opponents are calling him out of touch with Connecticut voters.

When Voght told Lamont she couldn’t move back to her native Connecticut because of the economic problems in the state, Lamont concluded “You could do a lot of shit!”

Lamont’s home-state boosterism extended to our interview. When I—a 28-year-old Willington, Connecticut, native—told him I felt like I couldn’t come back to the state because of the economic situation, he grew indignant. “What do you mean you couldn’t come back?” he shrieked. “You could be Mother Jones‘ Connecticut correspondent! You could start a business! You could hang out in New Haven if Willington was a little slow on a Thursday night! You could do a lot of shit!”

Vought noted that, after Lamont’s “boosterism,” he acknowledged the challenges the state is facing.

But Lamont makes moving back into a state with economic, fiscal, and high-tax problems sound easy. “You could start a business!” Lamont exclaims. July 2018 rankings named Connecticut the eighth-worst state in the U.S. to start a business.

Lamont may want to sound less “indignant” if he’s to win over independent voters in the fall.