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Local Democrat Calls CT State Senator a “Token Black Republican”

April 24, 2017 By Staff
Local Democrat Calls CT State Senator a “Token Black Republican”

A local Democrat called State Sen. George Logan (R-Ansonia) a "token black Republican," in an exchange published by Daily Ructions. State Senate leaders spoke up on Monday.

A local Democrat in Woodbridge, Connecticut called State Sen. George Logan (R-Ansonia) a “token black Republican” in a Facebook post on Friday evening. State Senate leaders from both parties condemned the comment on Monday.

The exchange, first reported in Daily Ructions, had Cheryl Sackler, a veterinarian and Democrat in Woodbridge, calling Logan a “token black Republican” in response to another reader’s comment about how Woodbridge Republicans are more diverse than what Sackler called a “[p]arty of rich white fat guys in suits.”

Logan is the Senate Republican Majority Whip, a businessman, and represents the 17th State Senate District.

Daily Ructions updated its post on Monday afternoon after Senate President Pro Tempore Martin Looney (D-New Haven) condemned the comments:

“These types of statements directed at Senator Logan are just wrong – regardless of party – and do not belong in our public discourse.”

Also on Monday, Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano (R-North Haven) condemned the comments:

“The Senate Republican Caucus appreciates Senator Looney’s statement condemning the completely unacceptable comments directed toward State Senator George Logan. No one should be judged or measured based on their race, religion, or sexual orientation.”

The Republican team in Woodbridge, including First Selectman candidate Tony Anastasio, responded on Monday:

“There is no place for this discourse in Woodbridge. It diminishes the town and should be denounced by all in the strongest terms possible. The Woodbridge Republicans categorically reject this sentiment and language, as well as the people who believe, publish and condone it. Beth Heller, Joe Crisco, and the rest of the Democrat slate should all condemn these racist comments.

When asked for comment on Monday afternoon, Beth Heller – who’s running as a Democrat for First Selectman of Woodbridge – responded:

“My team and I are focused on bringing people together, and we strongly denounce and reject any divisive comments, including those made by Ms. Sackler today. Her insensitive and offensive language has no place in our public discourse.”

Reclaim Connecticut previously covered the upcoming local races in Woodbridge, which some Democrats are trying to use as a proxy in their fight against President Trump.