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Local official: Gray will provide expertise in state treasurer’s office

July 31, 2018 By Karen S. Dignacco
Local official: Gray will provide expertise in state treasurer’s office

Sharon Board of Finance Chairman Karen S. Dignacco makes the case for Thad Gray for state treasurer.

I am writing in support of Thad Gray for State Treasurer in the upcoming Republican primary. I had an opportunity to meet and talk with Mr. Gray, which gave me a better understanding of how the State Treasurer can impact Connecticut’s financial situation. His more than three decades of managing pension funds in the private sector will provide much-needed expertise in the state’s Treasury office. The State Treasurer also participates on the bond commission and works with the executive and legislative branches to develop policies that would improve the state’s financial position.

As a member of the Sharon Board of Finance for the past decade, I have been directly involved in our town’s financial planning. We weigh the needs of the town with the ability of taxpayers to fund those needs. In recent years there has been a feeling of unease as we head into budget season. Sharon has essentially lost all Education Cost Sharing funds, and we’ve been concerned about our Town Aid Road grants being cut as well. The uncertainty of the state’s financial situation makes our job at the town level much more challenging and almost defensive rather than proactive.

I believe that Thad Gray will approach the job of state treasurer from a realistic and practical position. He is focused on being part of a solution to the state’s financial problems rather than being a politician. In today’s world, we need more problem solvers and fewer politicians.

Karen S. Dignacco is the chairman of the Sharon Board of Finance, and vice-chairman of the Sharon Republican Town Committee.

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