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Malloy Celebrates 3 Years of Magic Busway, Senate GOP Leader Says: These Buses Are “Empty”

March 29, 2018 By Staff
Malloy Celebrates 3 Years of Magic Busway, Senate GOP Leader Says: These Buses Are “Empty”

Len Fasano is not having the governor's celebration of three years of CTfastrak, once known derisively as the 'magic busway.'

Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) celebrated three years of CTfastrak on Wednesday, claiming it “has been an unequivocal success.”

“What was once a controversial and politically charged proposal has become an economic lifeline for many residents – giving people access not just to transportation, but to jobs and economic opportunities,” Malloy said. “In three years’ time, we have now seen 15 million riders.”

Malloy also used the press release to re-warm his plan to reinstate tolls in Connecticut and raise the state’s gas tax.

One thing Malloy didn’t talk about in his press release? The cost of CTfastrak.

Fortunately for Connecticut taxpayers, Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano (R-North Haven) did.

““For the governor to tout CT Fastrak as one of his biggest successes speaks to how misguided the governor is when it comes to helping Connecticut,” Fasano said. “We see the CTfastrak buses every day in Hartford; they’re big, they’re green, and they’re empty.”

Fasano then rattled off some statistics:

  • “The 9.4 mile New Britain to Hartford busway is a bus rapid transit (BRT) system that cost $570 million to construct of which $113 million was financed by the State of Connecticut. Of the $457 million in federal funds, $113 million was discretionary federal dollars to the state, meaning that those funds could have been repurposed for other state projects.”
  • “The annual operating cost to run CTfastrak is $25.1 million. The system generates only $3.2 million in revenue. Therefore, the state pays $21.9 million annually to run CTfastrak.”
  • “The annual operating subsidy has increased from $17.5 million to $21.9 million in just one fiscal year.”
  • “[W]hile DOT is claiming average weekday riders of 20,016, the number of riders on the $570 million 9.4 mile busway is only 2,355 unique riders per trip (4,710 individual trips”
  • “[T]axpayer subsidization of the construction of the 9.4 mile busway equates to $95,966 per rider”

For more on the system, once derisively referred to as the ‘magic busway,’ please see Reclaim Connecticut’s March 2017 write-up of where CTfastrak stood at two years old.