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Malloy Holds Bitter Press Conference to Poke Holes in Bipartisan Budget Talks

October 13, 2017 By Staff
Malloy Holds Bitter Press Conference to Poke Holes in Bipartisan Budget Talks

The Senate Republican leader responded to Malloy's press conference by calling the governor's comments "extremely unproductive."

Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) railed and ranted against the bipartisan budget talks in an impromptu Thursday press conference, as he appeared bitter to be left out of the current negotiations between Democratic and Republican leaders of the state legislature.

The press conference, broadcast and available on CT-N, featured a governor who vetoed a bipartisan budget last month griping about the lack of a budget in the state of Connecticut.

“Here we are now in October,” Malloy said. “And I’m sure Republicans will say, well, I vetoed their budget. Well their budget was out of balance, full of gimmicks and games, which would have instantly been recognized in the next monthly report.”

“I feel an urgency to get this done,” Malloy later added, despite vetoing a budget that Republicans and Democrats endorsed as balanced over two fiscal years, in a responsible way.

“The last week has been frustrating,” Malloy said.

On at least one occasion, Malloy referenced the fact that he’s “not in the room,” but he still shared rumors and heresay about where Democrats and Republicans allegedly stand on the issues.

Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano (R-North Haven) did not mince words in a response to Malloy’s press conference, calling Malloy’s daily, bitter comments “extremely unproductive”:

“The governor’s daily press conferences and snide comments from the sidelines are extremely unproductive. The governor has been nothing but an impediment to the budget process, and it has been helpful to remove him from our conversations. I appreciate and respect the efforts of Democrat legislative leaders who have been willing to work together in truly bipartisan negotiations and have thoughtful and productive policy discussions in recent days.”

Democrats and Republicans in the legislature continue to work on a bipartisan budget deal.