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Malloy Official: “Rational” for Us to Lower Taxes, But We Won’t

January 2, 2018 By Staff
Malloy Official: “Rational” for Us to Lower Taxes, But We Won’t

A slip of the tongue from Dan Malloy's budget director kicks off 2018 for Malloy's administration, their last of eight years in office.

Call it a slip of the tongue! The administration of Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) is kicking off 2018 by admitting that it would be “rational” for them to lower taxes in Connecticut.

The only problem? They’re not going to.

Benjamin Barnes, Malloy’s budget director, told The New York Times in an interview that a “rational response” to the GOP tax bill for Connecticut would be to lower taxes. He indicated, though, that this will not happen.

“I suppose the rational response for us is to lower our taxes,” said Benjamin Barnes, who heads the Connecticut Office of Policy and Management, “but we have a public that has shown again and again that they expect high levels of service.”

Some in Connecticut would challenge Barnes’ assertion that Malloy’s constituents would prefer higher taxes to a lower level of service.

Barnes is quoted only one other time in the New York Times article, to tell the reporter that Democrats must “take back Congress” as a “line of defense” to the GOP tax cuts.

Then, there are some state leaders who say the best way to fight the new law is neither through legal challenges nor through complex changes to tax codes.

“Our first line of defense,” Mr. Barnes, the Connecticut official, said, “is to take back Congress for Democrats.”

It appears Barnes and the Malloy administration may take the Chris Murphy line, that the GOP tax cuts should be repealed.