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Malloy Reiterates Support for Tolling Study

August 21, 2018 By Staff
Malloy Reiterates Support for Tolling Study

The governor, in the final months of his two terms, touted the "need [for] a full examination of what the potential is" for tolls.

Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) is continuing his push for a tolling study, undeterred by public backlash to the idea of reinstating tolls in Connecticut.

The CT Mirror reported Monday that Malloy addressed tolls at an event marking the completion of an I-84 project:

Malloy went a little easier on Lamont, a fellow Democrat, but wasn’t ready to endorse a tolling plan limited only to trucks.

“That’s why you need a study,” the governor added. “That’s why you need a full examination of what the potential is” for electronic tolling for all vehicles.

The November election to replace Malloy, between Democrat Ned Lamont and Republican Bob Stefanowski, may hinge on the question of reinstating tolls.

Lamont endorsed tolls early in his campaign, but in recent months has pulled back to supporting tolling limited to trucks. Stefanowski is adamantly opposed to all tolls.

Reclaim Connecticut estimated in February that Malloy’s ‘taxes and tolls’ plan released earlier this year would effectively raise taxes $4 billion to $5 billion over 10 years. Under that plan, around 70 percent of tolls would be paid by Connecticut drivers.

Last month, Malloy and some of his allies won approval on the state bond commission for $10 million to study the issue of tolling.