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Malloy, Shut Out of Budget Talks, Holds Bitter Presser to Criticize GOP … and Dems

October 20, 2017 By Staff
Malloy, Shut Out of Budget Talks, Holds Bitter Presser to Criticize GOP … and Dems

The governor is holding near-daily press conferences to criticize the process, and alleged substance, of bipartisan budget negotiations. Is he helping?

Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) held another in a long string of press conferences with a bitter tone, as the governor faces the prospect of having to sign a budget he didn’t negotiate.

After leaders from both parties announced a tentative deal on a two-year budget, months into Connecticut’s budget impasse, Hartford Courant reporter Christopher Keating pointed out that governors have negotiated budgets for decades – until now.

Apparently, Malloy is feeling out.

He held a press conference on Friday afternoon, mostly to tell reporters he would not be meeting with legislative leaders about their budget until he sees a budget.

“I can’t give feedback on a budget I have not seen and reviewed and not shared with my own budget people,” Malloy said.

Malloy then tried to poke holes in aspects of the bipartsan budget, such as Education Cost Sharing (ECS) grant decisions, lapses, and cuts to UConn.

The governor also had some trademark testy exchanges with reporters, telling them at one point “your willingness to cover a budget” without a copy “amazes me.”

He later said to a reporter: “I think it’s silly you cover a budget you don’t have a copy of.”

It’s unclear whether Malloy’s constituents think his near-daily sessions with reporters are helping or hurting the budget process.