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Malloy, Wyman, Dems Elect to Pass Union Deal, Kick Benefits Can Down the Road

August 1, 2017 By Staff
Malloy, Wyman, Dems Elect to Pass Union Deal, Kick Benefits Can Down the Road

The passage on Monday of a Malloy-led deal with state employee unions will make some short-term savings, but leave benefits in place until 2027.

The Connecticut Senate passed a resolution in support of a concessions deal between Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) and state employee unions on Monday, ending a day of drama and suspense in Hartford.

Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman (D-Conn.) cast the tie-breaking vote after all three swing Senate Democrats that Senate President Martin Looney (D-New Haven) needed to support the bill voted “Yea.”

All 18 Republicans in the Senate voted against the deal, meaning not one Republican in the state legislature supported the concessions package.

To review…

The gist of the deal, as previously covered by Reclaim Connecticut, is as follows:

  • Malloy gets $1.5 billion in wage and benefit concessions from state employee unions over the next two fiscal years, and further savings down the road
  • State employee unions get a five-year extension on their generous benefits package, from 2023 through 2027


Republicans have argued that they have a better plan, which they say would achieve around $2 billion in two-year concessions through statutory changes, and would not require the approval of state employee unions.

Without needing their approval, Republicans say, the state can save billions in the next two years and still re-negotiate benefits with state employee unions when their contract ends in 2022.


Now, though, Malloy has kicked the benefits package can down the road on his way out of the governor’s mansion.

The next time state government can re-negotiate benefits with state employee unions under this deal is 2027. There will be three gubernatorial elections (2018, 2022, and 2026) between now and then.