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Mayor of Hartford, Which May Go Bankrupt, May Want to Be Governor

November 20, 2017 By Staff
Mayor of Hartford, Which May Go Bankrupt, May Want to Be Governor

Luke Bronin runs Hartford, which even he acknowledges may go bankrupt soon. Now, he may want to run the state.

Luke Bronin warned two months ago that Hartford, the city he’s in charge of, was facing “insolvency within 60 days.”

Now that that didn’t happen – at least not right away – Bronin may think he’s fit to run the entire state.

According to WTNH and others, the young mayor of Hartford is considering a run for governor of Connecticut.

“It’s not something I had planned to do right now, but over the past few weeks I’ve heard from a number of people around the state urging me to consider it,” Bronin said. “I haven’t made a decision, but I am considering it, and I’m the coming weeks, I’ll be talking with and listening to folks in the City of Hartford and elsewhere about it.”

Of course, Bronin will have to make the case that – after a little under two years running a city that teeters on the brink of bankruptcy – he is able to run an entire state.

One thing Bronin’s Hartford and the entire state have in common is a mass exodus of people. Reclaim Connecticut reported last week:

Hartford lost more workers in the past 12 months than any other U.S. city, according to a study from LinkedIn.

…According to LinkedIn, 57.4 workers out of every 10,000 left Hartford in the past 12 months, the most of any U.S. city. Norfolk, Virginia was next on the list, losing 44.7 workers out of every 10,000.

Bronin may have a difficult time convincing voters he can steer the state in a positive fiscal direction.