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Meet Ned Lamont’s Transition Team

November 9, 2018 By Staff
Meet Ned Lamont’s Transition Team

The governor-elect introduced his transition team to the state on Thursday, less than 48 hours after winning a close election over Bob Stefanowski.

One of the legislature’s most powerful members, the outgoing attorney general, and two people tied to the world of finance will be on Ned Lamont’s transition team, the new governor-elect announced Thursday.

At a press conference in Hartford, Governor-Elect Lamont (D-Conn.) introduced his transition team and talked about a meeting he attended with outgoing Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.).

Here are the members of Lamont’s transition team, with a partial biography for each of them.

State Rep. Toni Walker (D-New Haven)

One of the most powerful legislators in Hartford, State Rep. Toni Walker (D-Conn.) will serve on Lamont’s transition team. Walker just won reelection to her 93rd Assembly District seat with 94 percent of the vote. The reason she’s such a powerful legislator? She currently co-chairs the Appropriations Committee in the state legislature. As a lead appropriator, Walker will presumably be able to advise Lamont on the forthcoming budget challenges he’ll face as governor.

Read her full bio here.

Dr. Elsa Núñez

Dr. Elsa Núñez has is the president of Eastern Connecticut State University (ECSU), and has a long history as an official in higher education. Lamont has discussed making higher education and job training priorities in his administration, so Núñez will likely be able to offer expert perspective on those issues and more. Núñez could also use her seat at the table to protect Connecticut’s higher education institutions from spending cuts.

Read her full bio here.

Garrett Moran

Garrett Moran is the president at a non-profit organization called Year Up. The group’s mission is to provide “urban young adults with the skills, experience, and support that will empower them to reach their potential through professional careers and higher education.” Much like Núñez, Moran may be able to advise Lamont on the issues of higher education and job training. Before joining Year Up, Moran was in private equity, working for Blackstone.

Read his full bio here.

Attorney General George Jepsen (D-Conn.)

Attorney General Jepsen is a familiar name and face to many in Connecticut, having just completed two terms as one of the top officials in the state. Jepsen and Lamont are friends, and Jepsen will also presumably be helping Attorney General-Elect William Tong (D-Conn.) move into his new office. Jepsen has been leading Connecticut’s fight against the Trump administration, primarily through lawsuits, and could advise Lamont on how to best fight the Trump White House.

Read his full bio here.

Ryan Drajewicz

Ryan Drajewicz will lead Lamont’s transition team. Reclaim Connecticut couldn’t immediately find a biography for Drajewicz, but his LinkedIn page notes two major roles for Drajewicz since 2002: special assistant to ex-Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) for eight years (2002-2010), and a senior management associate at financial titan Bridgewater Associates for eight years (2010-present).