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Months of Inaction, Threats to Media: More Info on the Esty Scandal Comes Out

April 4, 2018 By Staff
Months of Inaction, Threats to Media: More Info on the Esty Scandal Comes Out

Every day and every new report brings more shocking and unfortunate news about how Rep. Elizabeth Esty (D-Conn.) handled the situation involving her abusive ex-chief of staff.

Two new reports from the past two days shine a spotlight on just how bad Rep. Elizabeth Esty (D-Conn.) handled abuse allegations against her ex-chief of staff.

The Hartford Courant‘s Neil Vigdor and Matthew Kauffman reported that the victim of Esty’s ex-chief of staff was not interviewed about the abuse against her until two months after Esty learned of the allegations.

From the time U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty first learned about violent threats her chief of staff made against a former aide, two months passed before the victim was interviewed as part of an internal investigation, emails obtained by The Courant show.

…It would take until mid-July of 2016 before Julie Sweet, a former top aide selected by Esty to conduct the probe, finally met with staffers, including Kain. Baker, who remained in his powerful position throughout the spring and later attended the Democratic National Convention with Esty, was terminated in mid-August of 2016.

And, according to WNPR, a member of Esty’s current staff threatened a media outlet with U.S. Capitol Police action if it didn’t withdraw Esty’s personal email from a document Esty’s own chief of staff shared with WNPR.

Tim Daly, Esty’s chief of staff, provided a copy of the original signed document without comment to Connecticut Public Radio Tuesday morning. And, seven hours after the station published that document, Esty’s office threatened to involve the U.S. Capitol Police unless it was redacted.

“After consulting with our attorney, we strongly believe there is no legitimate public interest in disclosing the Congresswoman’s personal email address,” Daly wrote. “The sole purpose in our view would be to allow people to use it to harass her. If you still refuse to use the redacted version, we will have no other option, than to refer the matter to the Capitol Police.”

If the headlines continue to get worse and worse, some political observers in Connecticut say, Esty may hear calls for her to resign early, rather than retire in January.