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Murphy Admits: Dem Party Only United by Opposing Trump

October 12, 2017 By Staff
Murphy Admits: Dem Party Only United by Opposing Trump

The junior senator has been making national interview rounds this week, and (accidentally?) admitted an embarrassing truth about the Democratic Party.

In an interview with The Hill published on Thursday, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) admitted the only thing uniting Democrats in 2017 is opposing Donald Trump.

Murphy told The Hill that intraparty fighting among Democrats is “largely overhyped,” and noted – proudly – that President Trump is the one thing unifying the Democratic Party these days.

“I’ve never seen our caucus more unified than it is today,” he told The Hill in an interview from his office in the Hart Senate Office Building.

“I’m sure there are places in which [Sens.] Joe Manchin [W.Va.] and Elizabeth Warren [Mass.] are going to land in different places, but Donald Trump has done a wonderful job of unifying the Democratic caucus in the House and the Senate.”

Murphy acknowledged disagreements over issues such as a single-payer health-care system or tax cuts, but said they pale in comparison to the desire among all Democrats to oppose Trump.

Of course, a party that has fundamental disagreements on major issues like health care or taxes is going to have a difficult time building an agenda to oppose the other party.

It seems, though, that Murphy is willing to paint over those differences for the sake of opposing the president.

Murphy also sat down with ABC News this week, and seemed more open to a run for president in that interview than he did in one with CBS News.

From ABC News:

When asked by ABC News’ Jonathan Karl and Rick Klein if he should be kept on a 2020 presidential contenders list, he insisted his focus right now is on his re-election, but noted that he will “cross bridges” that come after 2018 at that point.

“I am thinking about one thing and one thing only right now, and that is my re-election in 2018,” Murphy quipped.