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Murphy Endorses Lamont, as Dems Keep Focus on Trump

August 20, 2018 By Staff
Murphy Endorses Lamont, as Dems Keep Focus on Trump

The Connecticut Democratic strategy for 2018 appears to be something like: 'a noun, a verb, Trump.'

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), the de facto leader of the Connecticut Democratic Party, endorsed gubernatorial nominee Ned Lamont over the weekend, an endorsement Lamont quickly showed off.

“I’ve known Ned for over a decade, and what sets him apart is that he dives into the details of issues and is willing to listen to everybody. He knows Hartford needs fresh ideas, and that’s what he’s all about,” Murphy said.

Murphy and Lamont were on the same Democratic ticket in 2006, when Murphy was first running for Congress against then-Rep. Nancy Johnson (R-Conn.) – a contest Murphy would win – and Lamont was the party nominee for U.S. Senate – a contest Lamont would lose to incumbent Sen. Joe Lieberman (ID-Conn.).

Murphy and Lamont also both touched on President Donald Trump in Lamont’s endorsement press release.

[Murphy:] “Ned also knows that President Trump’s values aren’t our values here in Connecticut. I’m all in for him and Susan because they’re the team I trust to bring new ideas and new energy to Hartford and protect Connecticut from the worst of the Trump agenda.””

…[Lamont:] [Murphy] will be a critical partner in defending against the Trump agenda and protecting Connecticut values.”

The focus on Trump seems to preview Connecticut Democrats’ strategy for the remainder of the campaign: they’ll seek to tie Republicans running statewide, most of who have never worked with or met Trump, to the unpopular president.

Republicans, meanwhile, seem intent on tying Lamont to the failed policies of Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.).

Who wins the Trump-Malloy proxy war? The next few months will tell.