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Murphy Insults Trump, Tillerson, Mattis, Others in North Korea Tweestorm

August 9, 2017 By Staff
Murphy Insults Trump, Tillerson, Mattis, Others in North Korea Tweestorm

The junior senator from Connecticut suggested he has a better grasp of America's suite of options with North Korea than Trump or his administration.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) recognizes North Korea’s aggression is a problem.

He thinks he has more solutions than President Trump or his administration.

In a Wednesday morning tweetstorm, Murphy insulted Trump, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, and others, blasting their responses so far to the escalating crisis with North Korea.

First came Trump and Tillerson, both of whom Murphy blasted for having “no diplomatic experience.”

Tillerson made a surprise trip to Guam – an American territory North Korea has threatened – on Wednesday to assure Americans they “should sleep well at night.”

Then Murphy said he’s worried Trump “has ZERO senior people who know how to solve crises like this.”

That would appear to include decorated former general and Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis. If there was any doubt, two tweets later Murphy attacked Trump’s “advisors trained in military, not diplomatic solutions to crises”:

Murphy then said there is “no obvious solution,” but his tweetstorm suggested he thinks he would have better people in place if he were president.

Murphy is often discussed as a potential presidential candidate in 2020.