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Murphy Takeaway From Annual Walk: Dems Not Fighting Trump “Hard Enough”

July 9, 2018 By Staff
Murphy Takeaway From Annual Walk: Dems Not Fighting Trump “Hard Enough”

At the conclusion of his now-annual walk across Connecticut, the junior senator said his constituents are telling him he and Democrats are not fighting Trump hard enough.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) completed his annual walk across the state this weekend, and according to Roll Call he’s hearing from plenty of constituents who think he and other Democrats are not fighting President Trump hard enough.

Roll Call‘s Alex Gangitano reported:

“[People] found me to express their anger about what the president is doing. A little bit more anger at Democrats this year than last year for not fighting back hard enough,” he said. “I’ve definitely run into a bunch of people who were pretty aggressively pushing me about why they aren’t hearing more from Democrats.”

Murphy will presumably have an opportunity to please those anti-Trump constituents in the coming months, as the Senate is about to engage in a summer-long battle over Trump’s next pick to be on the Supreme Court. Trump will make his announcement on Monday night.

Murphy’s walk across Connecticut was his third such walk. If the junior senator runs for president in 2020, as is rumored, it would be hard to imagine him squeezing in another walk in 2020. Next year, 2019, remains a possibility though.