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Obama Endorses Lamont, Bysiewicz, Hayes

October 1, 2018 By Staff
Obama Endorses Lamont, Bysiewicz, Hayes

The former president of the United States weighed into 16 Connecticut races.

Former President Obama endorsed Ned Lamont for governor, Susan Bysiewicz for lieutenant governor, and Jahana Hayes for the Fifth Congressional District on Monday. The ex-president also made 13 endorsements in state Senate and state House races.

The state legislative candidates received Obama’s endorsement are:

  • Christine Cohen, Senate District 12
  • Mary Abrams, Senate District 13
  • James Marone, Senate District 14
  • Jorge Cabrera, Senate District 17
  • Martha Marx, Senate District 20
  • Julie Kushner, Senate District 24
  • Will Haskell, Senate District 26
  • Jason Doucette, House District 13
  • Christine Palm, House District 36
  • Maria Horn, House District 64
  • John-Michael Parker, House District 101
  • Kara Rochelle, House District 104
  • Matt Blumenthal, House District 147

Obama won both of his presidential elections in Connecticut by wide margins. He endorsed Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) in 2014 and campaigned for him.