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Op-ed: For treasurer’s race, experience matters

July 13, 2018 By Matt Terzian
Op-ed: For treasurer’s race, experience matters

Matt Terzian writes on why he thinks Thad Gray is best positioned to be the next state treasurer.

Children often look at the positive side of things, their minds filled with hope. Each and every day, a fresh beginning with endless possibilities awaits. I feel that this hopeful perspective often fades with age, and in today’s highly charged, polarized political climate – where negativity is the norm – it is understandable.

Negativity can be quite contagious, and there is no shortage of it when it comes to the viewpoints attached to our state. Rather than looking backwards, I would urge us all to look forward at the endless possibilities that are in front of us. We can start by electing the most qualified candidates possible starting with the Primary on August 14 and then in the General Election on November 6.

One office that is critically important this year is State Treasurer.   Per the 2017 Annual Report of the Treasurer, “…the Treasurer is responsible for the safe custody of the property and money belonging to the state… manages, borrow, and invests all funds for the State… oversees the prudent preservation and management of State funds, including the investment of a $32.5 billion portfolio of pension and trust fund net assets, $6.5 billion in total state and local short-term investments, and $3.3 billion of assets in the Connecticut Higher Education Trust.”

My friend, Thad Gray – the Republican endorsed candidate for State Treasurer – has decades of institutional investment management and capital markets experience, as well as an impressive education, having graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and then the NYU Graduate School of Business Administration after growing up in Northwest Connecticut.

Spending almost thirty years at Abbott Capital Management, LLC, in various roles – including over two decades as a partner and the last decade as Chief Investment Officer managing private and public pension assets – Thad is built for this role. His commitment to the community includes serving on the board of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, as well as their investment committee. In addition, he serves on the board of National Iron Bank.

A skill set and background like Thad’s is necessary for the successful execution of the Treasurer’s role, and I would urge Connecticut voters to support Thad, regardless of political affiliation. Understanding what the State Treasurer does, and then looking at his qualifications and experience, I can think of no one better for this role than Thad Gray.

The best days for Connecticut are ahead of us and not behind us. Let’s elect Thad Gray as Treasurer and move this state in the right direction. His experience and qualifications are second to none.

Matt Terzian is from Litchfield, Connecticut.

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