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Op-ed: My hero can be yours too

November 1, 2018 By Eleanor Gray
Op-ed: My hero can be yours too

Eleanor Gray shares why her dad should be the next state treasurer.

On Tuesday when I vote for Thad Gray to be Connecticut’s next state treasurer, I’m not just voting for a name or a campaign, I’m voting for the most trustworthy, responsible person I’ve known in my eighteen years of life. From driving me to endless hockey practices, to having the pancakes (and bacon!) ready when I get up for school, to reminding my big brothers that I’m the princess, not the punching bag, he’s had my back every step of the way. He’s ready to have your back too.

After every long week at work – he managed pension funds for 35 years – Dad would drop his heavy duffel in the hallway to sit down to dinner with us. Each weekend, he’d power through the dry stacks of 100-page finance reports he knew he had to get through by Monday morning. He’d be well prepared Monday, and many weeks would fly across the US or the world to present his team’s returns to old clients and pitch them to new ones. My dad had a sense of duty to his clients. He promised them high returns and ethical investing and he delivered through his hard work, focused research, and ethical leadership. He knew that the retirement security of millions of Americans, from the state pensioners of Alaska to pipefitters nationwide, depended on his team delivering. Compared to his opponent – who lead Hartford’s finances to multiple debt downgrades and accidentally signed a city contract with a felon – my dad’s nerdiness, experience, and integrity offer an easy choice to an informed voter looking for a State Treasurer who will fight every day for Connecticut’s taxpayers and retirees. Thank you for being that informed voter. Please help me spread the word about my dad, Thad Gray.

Eleanor Gray is from Lakeville.

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