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Op-Ed: Sharon’s Mary Robertson on the treasurer’s race

July 27, 2018 By Mary Robertson
Op-Ed: Sharon’s Mary Robertson on the treasurer’s race

Robertson urges Connecticut Republicans to pick "an investment professional, not a politician, to the very important office of State Treasurer."

Dear Friends of Connecticut,

This November, Connecticut has a chance to put our state on the path to financial stability and economic recovery. I am optimistic about the future of our state. However, we must elect new leadership in Hartford that is committed to making the necessary tough decisions.  After repeated tax hikes, deficits, and downgrades, most voters realize that the first step in restoring Connecticut to prosperity is to stabilize our deteriorating financial condition (among the three worst in the country, along with Illinois and New Jersey).

The turnaround starts by participating in the Republican primary election on August 14, where we choose our candidates for the November 6 general election.

With your vote, Thad Gray, candidate for State Treasurer, can be a critical member of the new leadership team. Thad has the leadership skills and experience to tackle the challenging problems in the Treasurer’s office: state pensions and a debt crisis. Connecticut’s state employee and teacher pensions are severely under-funded, while our bond rating has been cut several times to one of the lowest among our fifty states. This means it is more difficult and expensive to borrow, crowding out money for needed public services.  State Treasurer is no job for a beginner.

Connecticut born and raised, Thad has decades of experience investing for public and private pension funds. His knowledge of the capital markets and the broad range of financial products will enable him to produce better returns on the state’s investments. He understands the responsibilities of Treasurer and has exactly the right skills for that role.

Thad stepped up to run for this immensely challenging position last summer and is committed to building a brighter future for our state. Indeed, as a political outsider, Thad won his party’s  endorsement at their convention in May because Republican officeholders, leaders, and town committees across the state recognized the value of his experience and integrity.

Thad’s candidacy is a unique opportunity to elect an investment professional, not a politician, to the very important office of State Treasurer.  I hope all eligible Republican voters will join me in voting for Thad Gray on August 14, so we can elect the best qualified State Treasurer on November 6.

Mary Robertson is from Sharon, Connecticut.

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