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OVERNIGHT: CT House Passes GOP Budget, Malloy Expected to Veto

September 16, 2017 By Staff
OVERNIGHT: CT House Passes GOP Budget, Malloy Expected to Veto

The GOP budget, which balances the two-year budget with no new tax hikes, passed the Senate and the House overnight. Malloy is expected to veto it.

In stunning moves that shook the political landscape in Connecticut, the Connecticut Senate and House of Representatives passed overnight, by narrow margins, the GOP budget proposal.

Reclaim Connecticut brought you news of the 21-15 Senate vote, in which three Democrats joined 18 Republicans to support the bill, on Friday evening.

Overnight in the House, though, five Democrats joined 72 Republicans in supporting the budget proposal in the House, and it passed 77-73.

Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.) announced earlier Friday that he would veto the Republican effort that picked up key Democratic votes.

“I believe the amended budget that passed in the Senate today is unbalanced, and if it were to reach my desk I would veto it. It relies on too many unrealistic savings, it contains immense cuts to higher education, and it would violate existing state contracts with our employees, resulting in costly legal battles for years to come. If the responsible solution I negotiated with Democrats isn’t going to pass, then it is incumbent on the legislature to reach a new agreement soon – one that is realistic and, ideally, bipartisan.”

Of course, this is the first bipartisan budget proposal to reach his desk. Since Republicans led on the proposal, though, and he didn’t negotiate it, Malloy seems to be in no mood to approve it.