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Paying More at the Grocery Store: Plastic Bag Tax Advances

March 2, 2017 By Staff
Paying More at the Grocery Store: Plastic Bag Tax Advances

The House Environment Committee advanced legislation on Wednesday that would levy a five-cent tax on each plastic bag you use at the grocery store.

On Wednesday, the House Environment Committee in Connecticut advanced legislation that would add a five-cent tax on each plastic bag consumers use at the grocery store.

CT News Junkie‘s Christine Stuart has more:

A majority of the legislature’s Environment Committee think it is a good idea to charge 5 cents for single-use plastic bags and to use the money to help maintain state parks.

However, many expressed concern about whether that fund would truly be dedicated to helping state parks, or that it would be just another account that could be swept into the general fund to help erase the budget deficit.

The vote was 19-10 in favor of sending the bill to the full state House of Representatives “for futher consideration.”

At least one legislator blamed Connecticut’s struggling state parks situation on Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.), according to the Hartford Courant:

But several other GOP lawmakers, even though they agreed there is a need for more stable park funding, called the proposed tax confusing and argued for other funding systems.

“It’s clear to me this governor [Dannel P. Malloy] doesn’t see state parks as a priority,” said Rep. Devin Carney, R-Old Saybrook.

Connecticut would be at least the 11th state with some kind of ban or tax on plastic bags, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. California and Hawaii ban plastic bags, and Washington, D.C. has a five-cent tax.