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Poll: 90% in CT Aware of Budget Crisis, 91% Concerned About High Taxes

October 24, 2017 By Staff
Poll: 90% in CT Aware of Budget Crisis, 91% Concerned About High Taxes

Also, 94 percent of state residents are concerned about the high overall cost of living, and more from the Sacred Heart University poll released this week.

Sacred Heart University (SHU) released a new poll this week that asked Connecticut residents a wide variety of interesting and specific questions about living in the state, and the state’s now nearly-four-month budget crisis.

There’s a lot to unpack in the poll, but here are some of Reclaim Connecticut’s highlights. Check out SHU’s full presentation of the poll here.


Connecticut residents are very aware of the state’s budget crisis. More than seven in 10 (71.6 percent) are “very aware” of the crisis, with a further 18.2 percent “somewhat aware.” This means nearly nine in 10 state residents are aware of the four-month ordeal.


One SHU question asked: “If you had to cut spending, which three (3) proposed areas do you think the state should cut spending for?”

The top results?

  • Pension funding (32.7 percent)
  • Closing a prison (30.8 percent)
  • Eliminate property tax credits (27.3 percent)

All other options received 23 percent or less, though cutting the number of state employees – which would reduce pension costs in the long run – received another seven percent.


Nearly two-thirds of residents (63.9 percent) say it’s “somewhat” or “very” difficult to “maintain your standard of living out of your total household income today,” with the major reasons being tax increases (52.4 percent) and high taxes (47.7 percent).

This flows into what concerns the residents of Connecticut. The top two concerns, based on the combined percentage of residents who are “very” or “somewhat” concerned about a given issue, are:

  • High overall cost of living (93.7 percent; 67.5 percent “very concerned” and 26.2 percent “somewhat concerned”)
  • High overall tax burden (90.9 percent; 63.1 percent “very concerned” and 27.8 percent “somewhat concerned”)

The next two concerns (people moving out of the state and low wage growth) are still pressing, but less so: around 77 percent of state residents are “very” or “somewhat” concerned about these issues.

Check back later this week for more coverage of the SHU poll.