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Reclaim CT Co-Founder Joins Brad & Dan Show; “It’s About Time” for Center-Right Media in CT

February 8, 2018 By Staff
Reclaim CT Co-Founder Joins Brad & Dan Show; “It’s About Time” for Center-Right Media in CT

Reclaim Connecticut co-founder Andrew Lautz talked about the website, and the need for center-right media in Connecticut, with Brad Davis and Dan Lovallo.

Reclaim Connecticut co-founder Andrew Lautz joined The Brad & Dan Show on Wednesday, on WDRC “Talk of Connecticut,” to discuss the year-old website, the first offering right-of-center news on Connecticut politics and policy.

“I think the website is different in that it provides a better, I think, spin on what’s going on in Connecticut,” said Dan Lovallo, one of the co-hosts of the program.

“It’s about time,” co-host Brad Davis added.

Lovallo and Davis asked Lautz about Reclaim Connecticut’s mission, its founding, and how Reclaim Connecticut plans to cover a busy 2018.

Lautz responded:

“Mike [Presutti] and I started [Reclaim Connecticut] as the first media company covering Connecticut politics and policy from center-right and conservative perspectives. We knew that conservatives in Connecticut have candidates and issues that they care about. They have passion for the issues facing our state, and they’re concerned and frustrated. But they didn’t have a trusted platform for news that caters to them, and they didn’t have a place to view, react to, and discuss the news. And Reclaim Connecticut offers that for the first time.”

Lovallo, Davis, and Lautz then discussed recent articles on the site, covering the governor’s apparent flip-flop on marijuana, a recent speaker in Hartford who holds some concerning political views, tolls, and the governor’s proposed budget.

“This is a great year to be doing this, certainly,” Lovallo concluded.

“These are the things we’ve got to start,” Davis added. “We absolutely cannot go on like we are. And the sooner we recognize it, the better the state of Connecticut’s gonna be.”

Reclaim Connecticut readers can listen to Davis and Lovallo weekday mornings on Lovallo also has a blog that readers may find interesting and engaging.