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Report: $15 Minimum Wage Likely to Cost 46,000 CT Jobs

February 23, 2017 By Staff
Report: $15 Minimum Wage Likely to Cost 46,000 CT Jobs

Its clear who would pay: as always, Connecticut taxpayers.

Connecticut’s minimum wage battle is starting again. Connecticut’s reputation for having a hostile business climate was cemented with the painful departure last year of General Electric, which relocated its headquarters from Fairfield, CT to Boston, MA.

Now, after years of increased taxes and regulation, Connecticut again is talking about increasing the minimum wage, for the second time in four years. During a recent Labor Committee meeting the co-chair told business they “need to pay” for a $15 mimimim wage:

Committee co-chair, Rep. Robyn Porter, D-New Haven, told Eric Gjede of the Connecticut Business and Industry Association that “those who can afford to pay, need to pay.”

According to right-leaning Heritage Foundation study, Connecticut raising its minimum wage to $15 dollars a hour could potentially cost the state 46,000 jobs, and raise the cost of good and services.

Jeremy Adler, communications director for AR Squared, a conservative policy organization, was frank about the effects that raising the minimum wage would have in Connecticut:

“Connecticut has already proven to be hostile to job creators and this kind of dramatic, across the board minimum wage hike would only continue to hurt workers by killing jobs, damaging the state’s economy. Already, jobs and businesses have fled the state due to failed big government policies and if Connecticut goes forward with this flawed proposal, some 46,000 workers would see their jobs eliminated.”

As union members and liberal advocates push for minimum wage increases and paid medical leave, its clear who would pay: as always, Connecticut taxpayers.