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Republican National Committeewoman Levy: Vote Gray for Treasurer on August 14

August 9, 2018 By Leora Levy
Republican National Committeewoman Levy: Vote Gray for Treasurer on August 14

The letter Leora Levy addressed, to fellow Republicans in Connecticut, calls on voters to pick Thad Gray for treasurer on August 14.

Dear Fellow CT Voters,

My intention in this election has been to maintain a neutral position during the primaries. However, in one race where the choices are so clearly different in qualifications and capability to actually do the job well, to address the serious fiscal problems facing us, this is no time to remain silent. Such is the case in the 2018 treasurer’s race, when the state of Connecticut is facing such dire economic circumstances after so many years of mismanagement from the Malloy-Nappier team. Next Tuesday, August 14th, we Republicans will choose our best candidates who can win in November and govern beyond.

The stark contrast between the qualifications of our Republican treasurer candidates requires that I abandon my neutral stance in the state treasurer’s race. In the interest of our state and our party, I am urging that you vote for Thad Gray, the most qualified person Connecticut Republicans have nominated for state treasurer in many years and the most qualified of the all candidates in the race. The choice is clear.

Thad’s professional background will provide Connecticut with an experienced and successful leader to help solve our state’s financial problems. Mismanagement of our pension system has cost retirees and taxpayers billions of dollars. Thad has over 35 years of professional experience in both the debt and equity markets. As Chief Investment Officer of an investment advisory firm that managed public pension funds, he effectively made decisions protecting the retirement security for over two million recipients. From the moment he takes office, the citizens of Connecticut and, most importantly, taxpayers, employees, teachers, and retirees, will benefit from his decades of experience.

Further, Thad has the unparalleled combination of advanced formal education and financial acumen, compared to the other treasurer candidates from either party. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, received his M.B.A. from the Stern School of Business at New York University and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. Thad first worked in the debt markets in bond underwriting before starting his successful investment career at Abbott Capital. Connecticut’s present pension crisis doesn’t need a good soldier; it requires a commanding officer who knows how to lead. Thad offers a unique set of leadership qualifications, combined with integrity and ethical judgement, not seen in Connecticut in the current administration.

Thad’s young Republican opponent, Art Linares, can have a bright future in our party and in our state, but today he lacks the financial depth to be responsible for $34 billion of pension assets and over $20 billion of outstanding debt. In fact, when he was exploring a run of lieutenant governor, I encouraged him. However, I have since made it clear to him that his legislative background and lack of private-sector money management experience does not compare to Thad’s sophisticated and seasoned knowledge for the role of state treasurer. Thad Gray will be an exceptional asset to the next Republican governor and legislature. This is no time for “on-the-job” training! Connecticut needs someone who can hit the ground running after the election.

Thad Gray is best suited to win in November because he is the most qualified candidate to get our state back on track. Thad won the Republican endorsement at the Republican state convention in May because he proved that his experience matters and that he is ready to handle the job of Connecticut’s chief financial officer. He will stop the needless and wasteful borrowing, protect our state’s credit, and grow the pension assets of current and retired employees.

I am asking that you join me next Tuesday in voting for Thad Gray to be our next state treasurer.


Leora R. Levy

Republican National Committeewoman – CT