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Sacred Heart Poll: Lamont-Stefanowski Race Gets Closer

October 23, 2018 By Staff
Sacred Heart Poll: Lamont-Stefanowski Race Gets Closer

Bob Stefanowski has closed the gap between him and Ned Lamont to 3.5 points, the closest the race has been in three months of Sacred Heart's tracking.

Republican Bob Stefanowski is down only 3.5 points to Democrat Ned Lamont in the race to be Connecticut’s next governor, according to a poll released by Sacred Heart University on Tuesday.

The poll measures the state of the race just two weeks from Election Day, and reflects a growing narrative of a tighter race between the Republican and the Democrat.

Oz Griebel, the petitioning candidate, earned 8.4 percent of the vote in this survey.

Stefanowski has closed in on Lamont, after a September poll put Lamont’s lead at 6.2 percentage points. But the October poll found a smaller share of voters supporting both Stefanowski and Lamont, perhaps a reflection on the negative ads flooding Connecticut’s airwaves.

  • August 2018: Lamont 40.8 percent, Stefanowski 36.9 percent (Lamont +3.9)
  • September 2018: Lamont 43.1 percent, Stefanowski 36.9 percent (Lamont +6.2)
  • October 2018: Lamont 39.5 percent, Stefanowski 36.1 percent (Lamont +3.5)

Stefanowski is leading unaffiliated voters by a whopping 19.2 points, according to Sacred Heart’s latest poll.

There’s a major gender gap – Lamont is up with women by 24.8 points (50.0 percent to 25.2 percent), and Stefanowski is up with me by 17.9 points (47.0 percent to 29.1 percent).

The poll also measured a further drop in Gov. Dan Malloy’s (D-Conn.) approval rating, from 16.8 percent last month to 14.6 percent this month. Nearly three-quarters of voters (73.7 percent) disapprove of Malloy’s handling of his job as governor.