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SCOOP: Ohler Drawing Interest for Run at Esty’s Seat

April 3, 2018 By Staff
SCOOP: Ohler Drawing Interest for Run at Esty’s Seat

The state representative and veteran of the War on Terror has received calls from people in the district, Reclaim Connecticut has learned. We talk to Ohler exclusively about the interest he's drawing.

State Rep. Brian Ohler (R-North Canaan), a legislator from the northwest corner of the state and veteran of the War on Terror, is drawing interest from constituents and GOP officials for a 2018 run at the seat of retiring Rep. Elizabeth Esty (D-Conn.), Reclaim Connecticut has learned.

Upon hearing the rumors, Reclaim Connecticut reached out to Ohler. The state legislator confirmed he’s received both calls and texts about a run.

“There’s been numerous individuals, both constituents and those closely connected to the GOP in Connecticut inquiring … if I would consider it,” Ohler said. “My priority right now is obviously to tackle our budget deficit in the state of Connecticut and representing the 64th [General Assembly District] to the best of my ability.”


Ohler would be able to immediately connect with a significant portion of the Fifth Congressional District, currently occupied by Esty. He already represents nine of the congressional district’s 41 towns: Canaan, Cornwall, Kent, Norfolk, North Canaan, Salisbury, Sharon, and parts of Goshen and Torrington.

He would also bring both budget and foreign policy experience to Congress, the former as a member of the appropriations committee in the legislature and the latter as a veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Asked whether he’s interested in a run, Ohler didn’t directly say yes or no, but did note that he thinks his experience would benefit the country and the district.

“My experience would benefit the country a great deal, given my foreign policy interests, especially at a time we’re dealing with Russia and North Korea,” Ohler said. “If anything, having the opportunity to serve my country once again would be something I would seriously consider, however my role right now is to serve the people of the 64th District.”


Ohler also addressed Esty’s failure to protect her staff from an abusive ex-chief of staff, calling the situation “tragic.”

“My heart goes out to Ms. Kain, that she even had to go through this whole ordeal, and now dealing with it for essentially two whole years,” Ohler said. “While Ms. Esty has been a stalwart supporter of many women’s issues, it’s clear that she lacked the better judgment to handle this situation properly.”